ManuMed for Humans



What is ManuMed®?
ManuMed® is a sterile, antibacterial, manuka honey wound gel ideal for the whole family. ManuMed promotes wound healing and reduces infection. It also reduces malodour, reduces trauma at dressing change, and cleans the wound of bacteria, dead tissue, dirt and debris.

ManuMed® is made from premium medical grade 20+ manuka honey and a unique, specially formulated gel of the highest quality ingredients.

The antibacterial properties of honey
Honey has been renowned for its wound-healing properties since ancient times. Many recent studies demonstrate the effectiveness of honey in the treatment of wounds in both humans and other animals.

Honey has antibacterial activity due to:

  • its high sugar concentration,
  • its low pH (high acidity), and
  • the presence of hydrogen peroxide, a well-known disinfectant.

Honey is effective in treating wounds infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

What is manuka honey and why is it special?
Manuka honey is honey made from the nectar of a certain species of tea tree (Leptospermum scoparium, commonly called manuka or manuka myrtle) which is native to New Zealand and southeastern Australia. Honey made from another species of tea tree, Leptospermum polygalifolium (jelly bush), also native to Australia, has similar medicinal properties to honey from Leptospermum scoparium.

Manuka honey is special because, in addition to the high sugar concentration, low pH and presence of hydrogen peroxide in standard honeys, it uniquely contains methylglyoxal, another compound with antibacterial activity, and other elements.

Other wound-healing properties of honey
In addition to its antibacterial properties, honey has other wound healing properties:

  • it provides a moist wound healing environment
  • it reduces wound pH
  • it has anti-inflammatory activity
  • it provides nutrients that promote proliferation of fibroblasts and endothelial cells
  • it stimulates angiogenesis (development of new blood vessels)
  • it stimulates immunity, and
  • the osmotic pressure produced by the high sugar content of honey naturally cleans the wound of bacteria, dead tissue, dirt and debris.


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